Shenny's is proud to be the FIRST facility in Calgary to introduce ...
     "The Skin Remodeling System™"
the next generation of facial remodeling procedures that has combined 5 scientifically proven technologies into one Skin Remodeling program.  This five tiered approach works with the body to stimulate new collagen growth, tone sagging muscles and tighten the skin to provide effective, non-surgical facial rejuvenation/lifting. The Skin Remodeling System™ targets all layers of the skin for younger, natural looking results that last.   One monthly treatment will prolong surgical enhancements such as face lift or eye lift and the effect of other cosmetic procedures such as fillers, (collagen/hyaluronic acid injections) or neurotoxins (Botox injections) more

Laser, Lights & Skin Care

Case 001
Patient: Age 48 
  • deep expression lines on forehead, around the eyes & mouth
  • deep nasolabial folds
  • uneven pigmentation, redness, dry, sensitive skin
Second Picture:  After a series of treatments and home care :-
  • wrinkles decreased by 80%, 
  • skin is plumper and tighter
  • Redness has improved by 90% 
  • skin tone and color are more even and skin looks younger
Case 002
Patient: Age 43
  • premature solar elastosis,
  • parallel frown lines
  • deep perioral wrinkles
  • deep nasolabial folds
  • Combination skin with dehydration and  Enlarged pores on T-zone.
Second Picture:  After a series of treatments and home care :--
  • client looks 5 years younger, plumping is very visible, as is the tightening around the eyes and cheeks, skin is glowing 
  • wrinkles decreased by 75 %.  
Case 003
Patient: Age 40 
  • very dry, sensitive, premature solar elastosis skin
  • deep frown lines
  • parallel smile lines
  • deep nasolabial folds
  • severe redness caused  by prior IPL treatments
Second Picture:  After a series of treatments and home care :-
  • forehead lines improved by 95%
  • parallel smile lines improved by 85%
  • perioral wrinkles improved by 75%
  • lnes are resurfaced & softer to the touch, the skin is more elastic and plumped up, redness is replaced with a radiant & more youthful looking complexion.
Case 004
Patient: Age 38
  • combination skin
  • deep nasolabial folds and mild frown lines
  • sun induced pigmentation and redness in some areas, has early menopausal problems and rosacea flairs.
  • Second Picture:  After a series of treatments and home care :-
  • forehead wrinkles improved by 90%
  • nasolabial folds improved by 80%
  • pigmentation improved by 70%. 
  • skin is plumped up and more elastic
  •  skin tone is radiant and more even 
Case 005
Patient: Age 48
  • solar elastosis
  • deep nasolabial folds
  • static wrinkles, combination to oily skin
  • uneven skin tone
  • redness on face and chest area
  • intermittent rosacea papules.
Second Picture:  After a series of treatments and home care :- 
  •  85% improvement in skin tone
  • general plumping and skin tightening
  • 80% improvement of wrinkles, facial contour lifting
  • skin is brighter, client looks 10 years younger.
Case 006
Patient: Age 43
  • advanced photo aging
  • deep parallel lines on forehead and around the eyes
  • coarse skin, enlarged pores on T-zone
  • telangiectasia mild solar lentigines and static wrinkles at rest.
  • Second Picture:  After a series of treatments and home care :- 
  • frown lines have almost disappeared
  • forehead wrinkles have improved by 80%
  • wrinkles around the eyes have improved by 75%
  • nasolabial folds have improved by 65%
  • skin tone is radiant and even.  Client feels younger and more confident and feels even her lips are plumped.
Case 007
Patient: Age 61
  • advanced photo aging, static wrinkles at rest
  • loss of elasticity and dermal density
  • deep wrinkles throughout, deeper on the forehead and around the eyes, perioral wrinkles, deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles on the neck area. Client is bothered by sagging facial features.
  • combination skin with oily tendency, coarse pores, redness on neck/décollete area.
  • Second Picture:  After a series of treatments and home care :-  
  • skin has regained its elasticity, plumping
  • tightening of the facial contour is very visible
  • overall, wrinkles improved by 85%
  • skin texture is smoother and skin tone is more even, redness in the neck area has disappeared. The client looks 10 years younger.

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Energy is effectively delivered into the dermis where it can produce significant dermal impact, and into the muscle tissue where it can elicit wound-healing responses to repair and tone muscles, leaving the skin looking tighter and rejuvenated.
HVPC current is used to repair and renew muscle fibers, improving muscle tone and skin elasticity.
Ultrasound 3 MHz safely heats the deeper layers of the skin, initiating collagen remodeling and tightening skin.
Impulse micro-currents lift sagging muscles and increase ATP production, giving all cells the necessary energy to maintain their essential daily functions such as cellular division and repair.
The combination of Electroporation, Phonophoresis and Iontophoresis current is another technological innovation, increasing the penetration of essential anti-aging ingredients at depth never reached before.
The Skin Remodeling System™ is the first transdermal delivery system to simultaneously combine the compounded effects of HVPC, Impulse Micro-Currents, Ultrasound, Electroporation and Iontophoresis current.