Laser, Lights & Skin Care

Institute Matis Facial $80 includes: 
Skin Analysis, Cleansing, Exfoliating, Massage, Mask & Moisturising
*Efficacious *Comforting *Relaxing

Other Specialty Treatments that we perform include:
The Delicate Treatment
The ACN (Acne)Treatment
The Whitening Treatment
The Total Youth Care Treatment
The Time-Defying Chronobiology Treatment
The Prestige Caviar Remodelling Treatment
The Prestigious Unique Line Treatment
The Energy or Regenerating Booster Treatment
The Face Print Skin Radiance Enhancer Treatments
  for Dehydrated, Sensitive, Dry or Oily Skin Types
The "Response" Treatments
The Overhyrdrating Treatment
The Collagen & Line Reducing Treatment
The Remineralising Treatment
The Mosaic Treatment
The AHA/BHA Peels Treatment
The Delicate & Sensitive Skin Peel Treatment
The Wrinkle Corrective Treatment
The Densiderm/Densifiance Professional Treatment 
The Eye Contour Treatment
                                                                                ..... and more.  

Matis Facial Treatments can be further enhanced with the Matis High Tech Hydreclat Machine for revitalizing the epidermis with highly active ingredients:

*Hydreclat Preventing Treatment *Hydreclat Repairing Treatment   
* Hydreclat Purifying Treatment *Hydreclat Soothing Treatment 
* Hydreclat Eyes & Lips Treatment
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